Reimagine Software Development with
No Code

Start from building an app with no engineers. Scale up from no-code to full-code seamlessly. Apps built on Licode are ready for engineers at anytime.

Reimagine software development with no code

Enhancing design, engineering, and innovation

Licode let you build a highly scalable web application which is ready for software engineers at any stage

Visual Programming

Build an app using a structured component design system for the user interface, and a block builder for the backend logic and functions, with a drag-and-drop mechanism.

Enhance Scalability

Generate code at any time in your engineers' favourite programming frameworks such as TailwindCSS, VueJS, ReactJS, Laravel, NestJS, and more.

Go Live with Dignity

An option to deploy your app to your favourite cloud providers such as AWS, GCP, Azure via our CICD pipeline with just one click.

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